Night Swim: A Splash of Mediocrity

Night Swim: A Splash of Mediocrity

Alright, folks, buckle up for a wild ride! Get ready to dive into the fantastical world of "Night Swim," a film that's based on a short film that probably made sense at some point. Starring Wyatt Russell as Ray Waller, a retired baseball player with a degenerative illness, and his concerned wife Eve, played by Kerry Condon. They've got two kids, Izzy and Elliot, who are just as confused about this movie as we are.

Now, Ray has this crazy idea that their new home's backyard swimming pool will not only entertain the kids but also provide some magical physical therapy for his illness. Little does he know, this pool has a dark secret lurking in its past. And guess what? It's not a friendly secret! Nope, it's a malevolent force that's about to drag this poor family down into the depths of terror. Yikes!

But hold on a second, folks. This film is a bit of a rollercoaster. It's like the creators, Rod Blackhurst and Bryce McGuire, were making it up as they went along. And let me tell you, very little of this thriller makes any sense. So don't expect any lasting emotional impact here, my friends. Sure, there are some moments that might make you jump, but they never add up to a complete film. It's like they ran out of ideas and just threw in some character development and jump scares to keep us entertained.

Now, don't get me wrong, Night Swim does have its moments. It effectively exploits our primal fears of water, but it just can't keep its head above water when it comes to comedy and horror. It's like it's drowning in clich├ęs, my friends. And while it might be diverting enough for its 98-minute runtime, it neither sinks nor floats. It just kind of wades in the waters of "whatever."

But hey, let's give credit where credit is due. Kerry Condon delivers a fierce yet heartfelt performance, and the underwater sequences are pretty cool. Unfortunately, the novelty of the high concept wears off quickly for us horror veterans who've seen this scenario play out a million times before. As the mysteries unravel, this film starts to drown in cliches and predictable plot twists. 

Now, don't expect "Night Swim" to revolutionize the horror genre or make you rethink your love for swimming. It's not that kind of movie. It's more like a quick dip – enjoyable in the beginning, but then it gets scattered and woozy in the second half. It's like the creators ran out of ideas and just threw everything at the wall to see what sticks.

In the end, "Night Swim" is one of those films that you can do better or worse than. It's like dipping your toes into the shallow end of horror storytelling. It's nervy in short bursts, but it never quite reaches the level of utter terror. So, my friends, if you're looking for a quick thrill that won't change your life, give "Night Swim" a go. Just don't expect to come out of it as a changed person. You've been warned!

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